Riki Luke Buckingham aka Rixsta

Riki Luke Buckingham aka Rixsta

I Grew Up loving the sounds of motown and soul, I was often found dancing and singing to the Jackson 5 and other soul great’s, it’s hard to remember now the names of the other artists but things were good I was young, eager and excited.
I have two sisters who I used to love to spend time with and look after, at 11 years old I left my mother to live with my auntie as my mother was not in a good way to cope and I thought that it may be better there.

Rixsta AKA Riki Buckingham received his first guitar as a birthday present and started recording in 99′ on his home computer at the age of 16, for a long time inspired by the sounds of soul and rock especially from the 70’s.

Riki Luke Buckingham



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